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GSD L12 Reflow soldering

FeaturesTechnical parameters

l  windows operating interface is adopted and two control methods,including PC contorl and emergency maual control, are designed to ensure the safty of the device.

l  The advanced way of heating solves the problem of the dead angle that may arise when reflow soldering.

l  Professional wind wheel design with stable blowing speed which effectively avoids evenness of the wind when PCB is being as to achieve a most efficient reheating.

l  Regions of different temperature adopt the circulation independent from each other,with indenpend PID control and up/down heating method method,so as to ensure the accurate and even temperature of the furance and large thermal capacity.

l  The heating preservation layer adopts quality aluminum silicate heat preserving material,with good preservation effect and high heating-up speed.It takes 20min to heat up working temperature from room temperature.

l  Quality high-temperature high-speed motor is running stably with light vibration and low noise

l  The furance is jacked by cylinder and supported by safety rod to ensure safety and convenience.

l  The PCB is conveyed non-level with changed frequency and speed and synchronous grid and chain to ensure great stability.

l  Special quality aluminum alloy guide rail is adopted and auto fuel feeding system ensures the debugging accuracy of the guild rail as well as its use life.

l  UPS function is equipped to ensure normal output of PCB after power break and avoid damage.

l  The software has powerful function.It can measure the temperature of the PCB online and can analyze ,save and print the data and curve from time to time.

l  PC and PLC adoptsPC/PP protocol to communication with each other which ensures stable working and avoids system down.Auto detecting and showing working status of the device.

l  Enforced air cooling ;PCB temperature≤60℃.

l  Special furance liner design ,with good heat preservation ability and low power consumption.

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