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FeaturesTechnical parameters

Characteristics of nitrogen and cooling of Grandseed nitrogen reflow oven

The adopted nitrogen airtight technology can completely realize the 50-500PPM low oxygen residual amount that the nitrogen reflow oven PCB needs to reach to reduce the oxidation of end pieces and pads, improve the wettability, and can be used for small BGA products, pad false Welding conditions, special parts of the pins for the poor soldering problem caused by the change in the plating cost of the socket pins, the high soldering standard, the drop test, vibration test, high and low temperature test of portable high-end products have a good improvement effect.

The oxygen residue sampling point of this machine is set up in the guide rail area where the PCB passes。

Ultra-low nitrogen consumption can reach 12-16 cubic meters per hour, which greatly saves the use cost of this machine.

A number of core technologies have applied for patent protection to ensure the first advantage of this machine.

Using water-cooled quenching technology, the cooling zone is designed with copper-copper water-cooled pipes, and ice water is continuously introduced (5°-13° can be set), and the air temperature in the furnace is cooled by ice water, which has high cooling efficiency;Structural advantages of Grandseed nitrogen reflow oven.

Structural advantages of Grandseed nitrogen reflow oven

The frame is made of 40×80 flat through, the steel frame structure is reasonable, not easy to deform, and the welding adopts two-guarantee welding, which is stable and solid. The outer jacket is made of T:2.0 standard Angang cold-rolled plates, processed by CNC machine tools, and the front and rear doors are air-conditioned. The upper cover is designed reasonably, and it can be easily opened with a force of 3KG. After opening, it becomes a dovetail shape. It is more convenient and simple to check and maintain the motor. Open safely and save effort. The design of the whole machine is reasonable,efficient, energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly.

The furnace is more convenient to open, fully automatic electric rise, safety rod support protection, safe and reliable; the heating module adopts a split combination, stable performance, convenient and quick to disassemble and maintain, and it is more convenient to replace the heating wire; all of the interior is made of imported stainless steel plates and CNC machining It has precise dimensions and fine workmanship, which relieves the defects of traditional reflow oven such as internal paint removal and deformation.

Reasonable mechanical transmission part, processed by precision machine tools, fully automatic wide and narrow adjustment, special guide rail, durable and non-deformation, and adopts high temperature resistant chain, with automatic refueling function, free movement at 350 ℃ high temperature, PCB board The transmission method adopts variable frequency and variable speed, the network chain is synchronized, and the stability is good; there will be no bad phenomena of traditional reflow oven.

The automatic flux recovery system is special, so that most of the exhaust gas is filtered or recycled and returned to the furnace, reducing heat loss, and at the same time making the flux recovery more thorough and keeping the furnace clean for a long time.

The performance advantages of Grandseed nitrogen reflow oven

In order to prolong the service life of the motor, our company’s technicians professionally designed it; make the internal cooling cycle convection, so that the temperature around the motor drops to about 38℃;

The high-quality, high-temperature, high-speed motor has smooth wind, low vibration and low noise;

Professional wind wheel design, stable wind speed, effectively prevent the uniformity of the wind when the PCB board is heated, and achieve efficient repeated heating;

Each temperature zone adopts forced vertical circulation, vertical PID control, and vertical heating methods to make the temperature of the furnace chamber accurate, uniform, and large heat capacity; the first heating method solves the problem of dead ends during reflow soldering. Suitable for CSP, BGA, 0201 CHIP Welding of electrical components;

Online UPS equipped with power failure protection function to ensure normal output of the PCB board after power failure without damage.

Vertically controlled cooling system, made of imported stainless steel, upper and lower cooling convection, the cooling curve is a mirror image of the welding temperature curve, which is in full compliance with SMT international certification standards.

The insulation layer is made of high-quality aluminum silicate insulation material, and the multi-layer insulation furnace design. The surface temperature of the furnace coat is about 5 degrees higher than the ambient temperature, which effectively reduces the working environment temperature, has good insulation effect, and heats up quickly, from room temperature to working temperature ≤20min; Special furnace design, low power consumption.


Dimension:6.18 m (L) *1.5m(W) *1. 55 m (H)

Weight:2350 KG

Power Supply:A3 phases , 380V , 50HZ

Normal Working Power:14  KW

Total Working Power:88    KW

Control System:PC + PLC

PCB Size:50 ~ 500 mm (W)


PCB Transmission System

PCB Size:50 ~ 500 mm ( W)

PCB Transmission Method:Chain Rails & Mesh Belt

Wide Range of Chain Rails:50 ~ 420 mm

Wide Range of Mesh Belt:500 mm

PCB Transmission Direction:L to R or R to L ( Optional )

PCB Transmission Speed:0 ~ 2000 mm / min  ( Adjustable)


Heating and Cooling System

Heating / Cooling Zones:20 Heating Zones ( Up 10, Down 10)

2 Cooling Zones

Heating Method:Up  ------- Hot Air Heating

Down ------ Hot Air Heating

Cooling Method:Forced Air Cooling , 2 independent cooling areas

Heating Zone Length:3. 65 m (3650 mm)

Heating Temperature Range:Room Temperature ~ 350 ℃

Heating Temperature Accuracy:± 1~2 ℃

Heating Temperature Variation:± 2 ℃


Key Parts and Components

Conveyor Motor:Panasonic

Power Failure Protection -----UPS :American UMA

Hot Air Motor:120 W Shanyue from Taiwan

Intermediate Relay :OMRON

Thermal Fuse:Imported Nickel Chrome Wire

Solid State Relay:40 A from Taiwan Yangji

Main Switch  /  Air Switch :Mitsubishi

A.C. Contactor:Schneider

U Type Speed Light Eyes:OMROM

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