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SMT PCB Unloader

FeaturesTechnical parameters

1,Introduction Of Product

GSD-XL400 can be used in the end of the automatic SMT production line,it is an equipment which can accumulate the finished PCB to the blank (loader &transport shelving )automatically.

2、Specification Of Technology

Method of Control:PLC

Dimension of PCB:50*50*0.8mm—250*330*2mm

Transport height:900±20mm

optional)(Direction of Transport):L→R(R→L optional

Choice of Lifting Step:10/20/30/40/50

Specification of Material shelf:320*350*570

Power Supply:A3ø380V 50HZ

Air Supply:5—7kg/cm2


3,Characters Of Product

1.Using touch screen to display, PLC control, function table operation interface, easy to use.

2.A wide range of applications, can use standard racks, high versatility, and can accommodate 6 racks.

3.GSD-XL400 can set the lifting step of the rack according to the height or thickness of the PCB.

4. Production statistics and inquiry automatic.

5.The unloading machine is equipped with a standard signal communication line to facilitate connection with other SMT equipment.

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