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About Warranty:

Statement of Warranty

Ensonlight Warrants all the products manufactured by Ensonlight to free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use of a period of 12 months or 36months after the date of the original purchase price if repair or replacement is not possible of practical, Ensonlight warranty covers ONLY the product itself. Ensonlight will assume no liability for labor costs, installation costs, or other losses. Your warranty rights will be honored only when the product has been installed and used properly as deemed by Ensonlight , Ensonlight will not repair products damaged by improper use or faulty installation.

In Case of breakage:

All order shipments leave our factory complete and in working order, customer must report and damage within 7days of receipt of order by sending digital photographs(.JPG) of damaged items and shipping materials to sales@Ensonlight.com . Customer must retain damaged merchandise, package and shipping containers until claim had been settled. Damage in transit is the sole responsibility of the carrier, and any claim beyond this 7days period will not be deemed valid by Ensonlight .

Return policy:

Ensonlight will accept returns for a refund within 30days of the shipment of your order. Please note exceptions bellow:

Returns must be first acknowledged by Ensonlight PRIOR to return, Please contact the related salesman in charge, Or send email to sales@Ensonlight.com . All packages sent to Ensonlight MUST have the initial sales invoice number issued and printed clearly on the outsite of package, A lack thereof will result in the item being immediately restocked and no credit or refund will be issued. All returns must be made in their original packaging with sufficient packing material. Modified or installed items will not be accepted for return.

Thanks for your support to Ensonlight !

About product:

1, Why Choose Enson led Panel Light

  • High Quality

    We only use qualified high quality materials, (Samsung LED or Hongli LED,Japan PMMA.) ,5 years warranty of panel.


  • High Efficiency

    80LM/W, Save more energy and more money for you.


  • Reliable & Durability

    Use Al + PMMA construction, which is not easy to be broken. Approved by many customer and projects more than 4 years.You take zero risk.


  • Competitive price

    Due to abundant mass production,Ensonled panel light is very competitive price.


  • Technical Support

    Project Consultant,New product development,IES file supply.Dialux design.


  • OEM/ODM Capability

    Doing OEM/ODM for many big events,Such as European Soccer Championship.


  • Excellent Service

    Ensonled sales team will answer you within 18hours.


2, Why Enson led panel is so unique & fantastic

  • Construction

    Enson self-designed Pure aluminum frame and back cover working as a fantastic heat sink,Our LED junction temperature is only 45degree.


  • Raw Material

    PMMA lighting guide plate is Ensonled self-designed pattern,Raw material is from Japan.


    LED is from famous brand company,such as Sunsumg,Hongli opto,Nichia.


    Diffuser is high transmit rate,over 90%, to sure the uniform lighting output.


    Al. PCB is good for high current conductivity and heat dissipation,to achieve low heat generation while providing rapid heat transmission..


  • Super thin & Low profile

    Ultra slim designed frame,thickness is 12mm only. Our new version 9mm one will coming soom,which will be the thinnest one in the market.


  • Super Color consistency

    We choose super high brightness famous brand LED for Ensonled panel light,only selected 2 color bin to sure the super color consistency.

  • Professional USA driver with 5 years warranty time is optional.

    Our LED driver is from USA with special technical design according to Enson led panel light,we offer 5 years warranty time for our led panel lights.Offering more insurance & trustable for you.

Aftersales service agreement (warranty card):

After-sales service agreement (warranty card)?

Party A:

B: Shenzhen Guang Sheng-Tech Development Co., Ltd.

Device name and model: GSD-WD300 lead-free solder dip automatic welding machine shipping date

1.Delivery, installation?

1)Party B shall service personnel to provide accurate equipment hanging into the installation location for the device to locate.

2)Party should provide 1-2 staff responsible for the contact, and arrange staff to cooperate with Party B installation personnel.

3)Party B service personnel should ensure that the goods promptly sent to the designated place to achieve the requirements of the contract by Party Delivery Time.

4)Party B service personnel should install the equipment required for the gas, electricity and exhaust specifications to Party in advance so that Party before the device to the gas, electricity and exhaust system ready.

5)The Party B installation shall comply therewith electrical source connected to the device can not be tampered with the wiring of the Party with the trachea Road.

2.Equipment commissioning?

1)Party B service personnel in equipment commissioning ago, written notice to the Party to prepare the required materials, such as: PCB, tin.

2)Party B shall service personnel to provide specific reasonable requirements of process parameters, such as temperature curve, the defect rate. For B service commissioning equipment targeted.

3.Equipment training (Location: Party Factory)?

1)Training content:

l the actual operation of the equipment, as well as the day-to-day maintenance, and maintenance methods.

l process parameters set, the mastery of the process.

l equipment works, electrical schematic structure.

2)Training goal: to make the technical staff of the Party with the independent operation of equipment and maintenance capacity.

3)Training requirements: Party's technical personnel may not often exchange and must be equipped with a number of technical staff.



Party of the equipment purchased under the contract or related technology agreements, acceptance, after the arrival of the goods at the place of delivery, within 7 days of the Party reasons not acceptance, be deemed acceptance without objection