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grandseed shenzhen fair invitation

Time:2019-07-16   |   Source: shenzhen grandseed   |   Compile :9

Booth No:J061

Shenzhen Grandseed Technology Development Co., Ltd.set up in 2002,have moren than 100 patents, national high-tech enterprises, access to high-quality manufacturers in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City " Double soft "enterprises, Shenzhen City" the most potential "well-known brands; The products include: automatic SMT produce line, automatic assembly, aging, testing and packaging line for LED bulb, panel lights, strip lights and other LED lighting.

Products show during the exhibition:

Sample 1:Grandseed multifunction SMT mounter.

SMT Mounter

Product features:

1、Vision technology:at the speed of 2 m/s, the synchronous snapshot can identify various high-speed moving components, and 120 W pixels *6 images can be transmitted at 120 frames per second using gigabit network

2、High-speed motion control: self-developed dual-axis servo control technology(Use in H806/H812/H824 high speed SMT head)、Double - axis linear servo control technology of gantry, 8-axis servo control technology;

3、System precision compensation: precision compensation during device mounting movement to compensate PCB board Angle deviation and to compensate the Angle position and Angle generated when the electronic components are absorbed

4、Path optimization algorithm: automatic optimization algorithm based on mathematical modeling and massive empirical data, to achieve the best way to take material and movement path, effectively improve the mounting efficiency by 50 percent

5、Industrial embedded intelligent system: to solve the key technology of multi-arm high-speed placement machine in industrial embedded intelligent system, the bottom core technology and the upper application end all independent research and development;

6、Precision mechanical structure: precision manufacturing accuracy (maximum parallelism and verticality are up to 0.005mm)all core components are imported well-known brands,ensure stable and reliable product performance)。

Main application industry and scope:

SMT process manufacturing、communications、LED lighting、home appliances 3C testing

Sample 2:Grandseed Reflow soldering

Reflow soldering

Products feature:

1、The appearance of the whole machine has smooth lines, making smooth and beautiful lines. The surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, and the finishing is beautiful. The paint is not easy to fall off, and the color is bright and high-grade, and the overall effect is excellent (patent no. :ZL 2011 3 0009454.2).

2、Window operation system, Chinese/English interface, easy to operation and learn; 2 kinds of control, computer control and emergency manual control, equipped security function;(Independently developed software: Grandseed PCBASE reflow welding control software V1.0)

3、Independently controlled cooling system, made of stainless steel, upper and lower cooling convection, the cooling curve mirrors the welding temperature curve, fully in line with SMT international certification standards(Patent No:ZL 2010 2 0674965.6)

Main application industry and scope:

SMT process manufacturing、communications、LED lighting、home appliances 3C testing

Sample 3:Robot flexible production line

Automatic production line

Products feature:

1、Manipulator and visual combination, perfect replacement of manual assembly

2、Product quality is reliable and consistent

3、Improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost

4、Small footprint and high precision

5、Simple maintenance and easy operation

6、Professional after-sales training and guidance

Main application industry and scope:

Automatic assembling、aging test、testing、sorting manufacturing industry。

Contact:+86 13534041308

Add:No.177, fenghuang avenue, fenghuang community, fuyong street, baoan district, shenzhen