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Features of LED placement machine

Time:2020-02-25   |   Source:   |   Compile :9

LED chip mounter is a kind of electronic equipment products used in various LED lamps. The mainstream application of LED chip mounter should be a large-area PCB board. It must meet the online requirements to ensure speed. It does not require high placement accuracy, but requires fast speed. So do you know what are the characteristics of LED mounter?

1.Application of visual recognition technology: 6 Tsui vision automatic placement machine, visual recognition software technology, adopting non-stop rapid shooting and positioning technology to achieve optical image capture positioning, flight alignment;

2.Built-in AOI detection function: the placement machine checks the quality of printing solder paste before placement; after placement, it checks the accuracy and leakage of placement components (optional function);

3.Adopt flexible up and down pressing and back and forth tightening methods to hold the PCB to ensure that the PCB does not deform after being tightened;

4.Equipped with two sets of high-resolution imaging systems, respectively positioning the PCB board, CHIP and IC;

5.can mount 0402-40mmIC components,  can achieve 15000CPH placement speed;

6.Bilateral feeder base: 80 8mm feeders can be placed on both sides;

7.can mount a variety of components: various resistors, capacitors, IC, BGA, QFP, CFP, &μBGA;

8.The motor uses a lightweight design concept, which can greatly reduce the weight of the moving part of the machine, thereby reducing the power consumption of the machine to a quarter of the consumption of an ordinary placement machine, and the power consumption can reach that of an ordinary placement machine. Less than 1/4;

9.The application of magnetic levitation linear motor drive improves the shortcomings of the original servo rotary motor screw rod, such as low speed and high noise. Linear motor uses magnetic levitation technology, friction, resistance, high speed and long service life during movement.