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Key points of wave soldering equipment operation

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Wave soldering equipment is currently widely used automatic welding equipment. The main structure of the wave soldering equipment is a tin soldering tank with automatic temperature control. The cylinder is equipped with a mechanical pump and a cough mouth with a special structure. The mechanical pump can continuously spray the liquid tin wave from the nozzle according to the requirements. When the printed circuit board placed on the conveying mechanism enters at a constant speed, the solder overflows the surface of the printed board in the form of a wave crest for soldering.

The welding temperature of wave soldering equipment

The welding temperature of wave soldering equipment refers to the peak temperature of the welding technology at the nozzle outlet. Generally, the temperature is blasted at 230-250 ℃, and the solder joints at low temperature are rough, pulled, and not shiny. It may cause false soldering and false incandescence; too high temperature will easily accelerate oxidation, deform printed circuit boards, and damage components. The temperature adjustment should be adjusted according to the material and size of the printed board, the ambient temperature, and the speed of the conveyor belt.

Remove the dross from the wave soldering furnace on time

The tin in the tin bath of wave soldering equipment is prone to form oxides when it is in contact with air for a long time, and the accumulation of oxides will be sprayed on the printed board with the tin under the action of the pump. Position the solder joint into the gloss. Cause defects such as slag control and bridging. Therefore, it is necessary to remove oxides regularly (usually 4 hours). Antioxidants can also be added to the molten solder. This not only prevents oxidation but also reduces the oxide to tin.

Wave height of wave soldering equipment

The wave height of the wave soldering equipment is preferably adjusted to 1 / 2-1 / 3 of the thickness of the printed board. If the wave crest is too low, it will cause soldering leakage and hanging tin, and if the wave crest is too high, it will cause too much tin accumulation. Very hot components.

Transmission speed of wave soldering equipment

Wave soldering equipment transmission speed is generally controlled at 0.3-1.2m / s. According to the specific situation. In winter, when the printed circuit board has wide lines, many components, and large component thermal capacity. The speed can be slightly slower; the reverse speed can be faster. If the speed is too fast, the welding time is too short. It is easy to cause the phenomenon of house welding, false welding, missing welding, bridging, air bubbles, etc .; the speed is too slow. The welding time is too long and the temperature is too high. Printed circuit boards and components are easily damaged.

Transmission angle of wave soldering equipment

Wave soldering equipment transmission angle-generally selected between 5-8 degrees. Decide according to the area of the printed circuit board and the number of components inserted.

Analysis of tin composition in wave solder bath

Use of solder in the solder bath of wave soldering equipment-section called time after. Impurities in wave solder and lead solder will increase, mainly copper ion impurities affect the soldering quality. It usually takes 3 months for laboratory analysis-times. If the impurities exceed the permitted content, measures should be taken to replace them.