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The requirements of the smt process for the patcher

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Smt patch machine as sMT process in high technical content, value than the significant electronic manufacturing equipment, SMT process on the patch machine requirements are mainly three: to paste the patch, two to paste well, three to paste fast. The following Grandseed for the university of these three smt) technology on the basic requirements of smt patch machine to explain in detail.

SMT Mounter

The patcher should be attached.

Paste the main 2 elements: the correct components and component sit.

1) Components correct: require each assembly location component series of models, types, nominal values and sex and other characteristics to be marked to meet the assembly and detail requirements of the product, do not appear misplaced location condition. 2) Component position is accurate: component stoic or lead are and target graphics to be aligned and centered as far as possible in position and angle.

The patcher should stick well to the product.

There are three main criteria for good product placement: no damage to components, appropriate pressure, to ensure the installation rate.

1, do not damage components: pick and install may be due to feeder, components, printing board errors and Z-axis control failure and other reasons will cause damage to components, resulting in the final placement failure. 2, the pressure is appropriate: patch pressure to be appropriate, patch pressure over the hour, component welding end or pin floating on the surface of the solder paste, welding paste can not stick to the components, in the transmission and reflow welding easy to produce component position movement;

More likely to damage components due to too much patch pressure. 3, to ensure the placement rate: due to the patch machine parameteradjustment unreasonable or component placement performance is not good, as well as feeder and nozzle failure will cause components in the placement process to throw material. In the actual production, with the "fit rate" to measure, when the patch machine placement rate is lower than the pre-set level, must check the reason.

The patcher wants to stick to the product fast.

In the actual smt processing and production, such as the block PCB board has dozens to thousands of components, these dozens to thousands of components are to be attached to each, placement speed is the basic requirements of production efficiency. The speed of placement mainly depends on the speed of the SMT patchmachine, but also closely related to the optimization of the placement process, the application and management of equipment.